Understanding consultations

At Barcamp on Saturday, I missed Steph Gray and Paul Johnson’s session on consultation. The title is ‘Online Consultation or Digitally Enhanced Policymaking?’

Regulars here may guess that – in my view – the latter is a great deal more worthwhile than the former. Steph has posted the slides there – I think they deserve as wide a circulation as possible:



I’ve been talking to Tim Davies about a possible session at Barcamp discussing the kind of non-tech and non-comms questions that social media practitioners need to consider when developing e-participaton or e-democracy projects. I was going to post something here on it, but thankfully, Tim has beaten me to the punch – I don’t think that there’s anything more to add than this.

Oh – apart from to say that I hope you can come along if you’re planning to attend Barcamp?


PS: Here’s the Barcamp Wiki.