Fix My Street iPhone application

The very smart MySociety project developed Fix My Street a while back. Now you can post pictures to it by iPhone.

There is no reason why councillors can’t be encouraged to be active users of this – and to ensure that everything that they post to it can be fed onto their personal web-pages. This would have a number of benefits:

  1. It would create a more coherent picture of the locality – quite literally providing a councillor-eye view
  2. It would be very clear proof of councillor’s local activity. Councillors are busy people who give up a good deal of their time volunteering on local issues and caring about their communities. Local authorities are often a bit squeamish about providing ways for councillors to illustrate the fact that they do this because doing so using public resources may be seen as providing a ‘political advantage’ of some kind. Providing such a feed would be a positive way of getting around this problem.
  3. It would motivate councillors to go out and feel that ‘keeping an eye out’ would be a productive activity.