What central government thinks about local councillors

It’s Friday. Time for a bit of a laugh.

This ‘Yes Minister’ YouTube provides a rough outline. Annoyingly, I can’t embed it here, but it’s worth a visit…

And on the wider perception of councillors, here’s Vic & Bob’s take:

Joking aside, if there is one thing that desperately needs rebranding, it’s the very idea of the Local Councillor.


Councillors blogging – looking for encouragement

The www.blogger.com application is perfect for councillors wishing to trial weblogs for the first time

The http://www.blogger.com application is perfect for councillors wishing to trial weblogs for the first time

I’ve promised to help a few Councillors from Welwyn and Hatfield Borough Council start their own blogs. I already manage a project that is intended to get as many of them as possible to manage a small personal website.

Anyway, here are the five aspiring bloggers. All have made a start, but you will see that – in most cases – they need a bit of coaxing.

Hatfield West – Kim Morris
Peartree – Louise Lotz
Handside – Fiona Thomson
Panshanger – Roger Trigg
Welwyn West – Cllr Mandy Perkins

At least one of these councillors should be able to take this idea to the next level and really develop their status and skills as a local representative. Perhaps all of them will do it?

I know that they would all welcome any advice and encouragement that you would like to give them. It is easy to overestimate how apparent the advantages of blogging are – and how easy it is to pick up. In my experience, I’ve met a large number of great local representatives – hard-working, articulate and confident in their roles – who were quite stumped by the idea of blogging. Continue reading