I’m a councillor – get me out of here!

Here’s a video clip about the ‘I’m a councillor – get me out of here’ project – and here’s a bit of background to the film.

It’s a really brilliant project – where local authorities have any interest in being creative about the way councillors engage with young people (a learning experience – and not just a one-way one as well!), I’ve heard nothing but good things about it. 

I first became aware of it around 2003 (I think) and each year, dozens of councils have tried it, finding the obstacles and tweaking the offering.

Find out more here.


Top ‘real world’ read-write applications of 2008

There’s a good deal of useful stuff here for anyone with an interest in new conversational applications.

The three that stand out for me are….

The others are worth thinking about though. Mint, for example – in a year when finance-literacy is becoming very relevant indeed – aggregates a lot of personal data very neatly.

And for next year? The same site has a bit of a wishlist….

Why the hyperactivity?

One of the great divides between the people who comment on politics, and the people who do it for a living goes something like this:

Commentariat: Why do politicians feel the need to be constantly making announcements and being seen to do stuff – even to the point of preferring to do something pointless – or even damaging – to doing nothing at all?

And, in contrast…

Politicians: People who don’t realise why we have to constantly be seen to be doing things wouldn’t survive five minutes as a politician.

Here’s a comment on The Rose Review (via Matthew Taylor’s blog)