The ordinary citizen as a supplier of public sector information?

How’s that for a way of summing up the potential of new interactive tools to transform government?

While Babelfish may often be a bit of a joke, sometimes a translation can unlock a bit of value from a sentence and a light goes on in the heads of we foreigners. A translation from Norwegian is very enlightening – as may be a translation from bureaucrat-ese into plain English

Is it the case that government – and democracy – suffers because it it described by bureaucrats rather than it’s users? Is there a case that ‘Open Government’ would be better served by employing a trusted third-party mediator (with a ‘public service’ remit) and asking them to describe government for the rest of us? Surely this would make more sense than the playing-dead version of Freedom of Information that we have at the moment – simply pointing the public at a corporate Document Management System and saying ‘job done’?

Oh, that link (above) to SoSaidThe.Organization is worth a look as well….