Announcing picamp Belfast

picamp-logoOver the next few weeks, I’m going to be promoting and working on ‘picamp’ – the political innovation camp event in Belfast on the 26th of May.

This project is being done in conjunction with the Northern Ireland political weblog Slugger O’Toole, with NESTA-sponsored Amplified ’09 and Queens University Belfast who have kindly allowed us to use their premises for the day.

The event will be a unconference – it will be managed in exactly the same way as a conventional conference, but there won’t be any listed speakers, any agenda or any charge to attend.

We’ve seen a proliferation of these unconferences recently. In Washington DC, Transparency Camp took place in March and one is planned for the UK in July. New applications that drive different forms of community are widely seen to have a disruptive potential. Continue reading


Slugger welcomes David Cameron to Northern Ireland

UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron

UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron

UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron is visiting Northern Ireland this weekend to speak at an Ulster Unionist Party conference. Slugger O’Toole has been crowdsourcing questions for him, and he’s agreed to answer them.

The site’s managers are also encouraging Twitterers to post to a widget on the site.

The widget can be seen on the left hand side of the Slugger site, or in full here.